pátek 3. srpna 2012

Very simple shoes - Steve Madden Wishlist

One of my favorite shoe brands is Steve Madden. I picked some shoes for autumn and winter online and decided do show them in my wishlist. I love Steve Madden, because his shoes are stylish and original, but he also offer shoes that are basic and classic, which is often hard to find. I don´t like (over) accessorized boots, so finding these two was cool. It´s always hard to find simple boots like these, this is exactly the shape and simplicity I was looking for, just little gold details, same case with the troopas. Must have! The third simple pair of shoes is something I really wanted this summer. I still got the studs supplies and this is a good target for my obsession)
And I love these pairs too)

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  1. Hii love the there so cute especialy the last one ;) xoxxo lia

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! :)
    I love dance and I did dance two years ago, I always wish that I could go back to dance (of course, if I have time.) I'd been Jazz dancing for more than 4 years and stopped two years ago. Well, I think I will pick it up again very soon! ^_^ What type of dancing you like the most? :) Ohhhh and very lovely shoes, I love the last one very much, love studded items hehe :)
    Amy x

  3. I LOVE all of them, the last pair are my favourite:) Xx

  4. I love Steve Madden too! Great wishlist)