sobota 2. října 2010

I just watched a movie called L´Auberge espagnola or Erasmus a spol. in Czech.

The longest time I´ve ever spent outside Prague was a month and a half. It´s probably quite short. But it doesn´t really feel like that.

I spent this time in New York. And what I liked most about it was that the city really was alive all the time, no matter if I was in center or not.

This happens in other cities too. Like those in Spain. I didn´t say Spain only because it was in the movie, my sister was there for a while in Malaga and in Barcelona and I was visiting her. So I got some feeling from that.

These cities are alive. I loved it when people were sitting in chairs in the street at late night, even with kids. This is really important, right, being with friends or having some company and just talk. The fact that it was in the street made me feel even better. Because that is the place, right?

When I got back home, it felt cold. Not only because I basically arrived from summer to fall. It was killing me that there were twenty people in Vaclavske namesti on Friday night.

I was missing the thing - people that are just spending their time together in the street, talking. And I was missing it even before I went to other city to see that.

I really love Prague, that´s my home. But I know that if I leave for longer time, it will be really hard being back here, in these streets.

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