středa 1. září 2010

the right place

I´ve been thinking about wrong places. I feel like I´ve been in the wrong place for a while. I remember it started when I had strong feelings about something. That I should have done something earlier, something I can´t do now. I am not discouraging myself, it´s just (for some reason) the wrong time already. The wrong time that is connected to the wrong place.

What is the point of the good place is to be right there where you want to be. It´s about what you want, what you are interested in, what you have passion for. I have passion for fashion, music, dance, gender issues. When there is something you only hear about and you´ve got this so specific feeling all over your body.

I went to New York in April for a week. When I was leaving (NY) I felt like it was a mistake, that I was going to totally wrong place and that I shouldn´t leave yet. So I planned another trip, 6 weeks long. Just a while before I should finally go to New York, conditions changed and I felt like the wrong thing to do was to leave.

I´m going back to Prague in couple days. I don´t know what the right place is, but it seems like it´s neither Prague or New York. What made me think about it more was finding out that Prague Fashion Weekend is on September 4-5 and that New York´s fashion events start after September 7 including Fashion´s Night Out and New York Fashion Week. I return to Prague on Sept 6.

I read this article in Vogue about Fashion´s Night Out. It was one of those articles that just impress you. The descriptions were perfect. Then I saw one (and first) of the pictures of participating people and there was Pharrell Williams and Marc Jacobs, my favorite male musician and my favorite designer, on one picture.

This (right?) place was little painful. But maybe it´s not about places at all.

It might seem ridiculous to someone that I make this look deep (even though I don´t) and talk about fashion.

But with fashion, I´ve got the feeling all over my body.

And you know it´s not just about fashion.

About this one passion I have.

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